Arizona State University design student Nicole Pannuzzo has reinvented the traditional toothpaste tube by giving it an origami twist. Inspired by the art of folding paper, this new design enables users to get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube hassle-free. It’s spiraling, cylindrical body is fastened on one end by a flattop cap that allows it to be freestanding. As the bottle empties, the tube collapses, until it’s completely level and empty.

Pannuzzo's design was the result of a cantankerous process. She went through over 100 prototypes before landing on the right one. And her ingenuity didn’t stop there: after revamping the tube, Pannuzzo focused her artistic prowess on the Colgate logo. She believes it’s current design isn’t very memorable or inspired. In an effort to bring the logo’s design concept closer to its roots (it was originally based on a ribbon), Pannuzzo converted the red strip from the logo into a partial, folded triangle.

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[via Co.Design]