Designers: Storm Thorgerson, George Hardie
Year created: 1973

Pink Floyd is simply one of the best live bands of all time. The polarizing psychedelic rock band from London pushed the boundaries of sound and lighting in their shows, inspiring artists for generations to come.

Much of the material that made these experiences so one-of-a-kind came from their historic 1973 release, Dark Side Of The Moon. The critically acclaimed album has a classic art treatment with an illustration of light passing through a prism. It was designed by Storm Thorgerson and illustrated by George Hardie of the art collective Hipgnosis.

Thorgerson's thought process for the logo was simple and to the point. The artwork celebrates the light aspect of the band's performance and also focuses on the triangle, which symbolizes thought and ambition. There was an alternate photographic version which featured the Marvel Comics star, The Silver Surfer, which the band turned down, according to Thorgerson. The logo has since become as recognizable as the band's name itself.

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