On TV, Jon Hamm portrays one of the most stylish men to ever grace the screen. With one finely-tailored suit after another, Don Draper exudes confidence, power, and an unfuckwittable level of swag that help sell the image he's created. In real life, however, Jon Hamm is not as awesome. Look, of course dude's not that far away from his on-screen alter ego that he can't pull off something like a GQ or Rolling Stone spread. But when left to his own devices, it's quite easy for the homie to devolve into a sloppy mess, and the contrast is starting to mess with our brains.

Dude, you play one of the most masculine swag lords of all time. We're not asking life to directly imitate art, but there's a lot of room for improvement here. So, Jon Hamm, we hope you're having a great birthday. But if you really want to take this new year of life by the reigns, follow a few of Don's cues, which we handily highlighted for you with 10 Style Tips Jon Hamm Can Learn From Don Draper.

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