You already know Saved by the Bell as one of the best teen sitcoms ever and a '90s pop cultural landmark. But even though that rep is solidified, there's one other claim to greatness that isn't awarded as often—it was one of the most stylish shows of its time too. And now, still, for that matter. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) was an OG influencer in hustling and macking, but of course, all those get-rich-quick schemes like friendship bracelets were needed to fund his insatiable quest to be the flyest motherfucker out.

It wasn't just him, though. His homies, meathead jock AC Slater (Mario Lopez) and yes, even sidekick/resident nerd Screech (Dustin Diamond) were pretty fresh in their own right. Don't even try and front like you didn't idolize these dudes growing up. Take a trip down memory lane for a reminder why. And no, we did not factor in the inferior prequel or sequels shows. No Miss Bliss, no College Years, only the real deal. (And no ladies either for obvious reasons although yes, Lisa Turtle especially did swag out on the regular.) Click through for The Most Stylish Moments From Saved by the Bell.

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