New Jersey-based brand Refinement Co. just released a limited edition leather duffle bag as part of its spring/summer '14 line. 

The label, which first launched in 2011 and has since gained a following of folks like Jacksonville Jaguars offensive guard Will Rackley and Rita Ora, focuses on bringing affordable luxury to the common man. Refinement's gold chains, driving gloves and snapbacks may look like you popped bands to cop, but the real price tag is nowhere near what you'd expect to pay for such sumptuous goods.

The Refinement Luxe Travel Bag follows this brand vision - the handmade, coffee-colored leather duffle features antique brass accents and cotton lining. There are only 100 Luxe Travel Bags available, and they go for about $175 a pop. Much more wallet-friendly than most other options on the market.

Pick up the bag here.

[via Refinement Co.]