Current reigning champs of the fashion Aggro Crag, Public School, first teased their new Generic Man sneaker collaboration a few months ago via Instagram and street style to much excitement and general gotta-cop-now-or-I-will-kill-myself-despite-being-a-grown-man type hype. I mean, damn, these are essentially a luxe Jordan XII (what we've dubbed, the "Ubers"). They're too fire for this universe to be totally honest. And now, finally, the sneakers are available for purchase from the good people at Kith. While they are, as expected, expensive as shit (coming in at a cool $490), you will be hard pressed to find a doper sneaker this year. Put these alongside the Hender Schemes and Common Projects BBall Hi's you definitely already have and complete your trifecta of hi-end classic Nike silhouettes.