With celebrity restaurateur Mr. Chow dishing out paintings splattered with milk and other cooking ingredients, it seems blending food with art has recently become all the rage. You might consider Alexander J.E. Bradley one of the forefathers of this delightful trend.

Believe it or not, the conceptual photographer from Paris actually throws milk on his subjects and then captures their reactions in his hilarious photo series The Great Spectacle of Milking

It's a strange concept, to be sure. In fact, the way Bradley came up with the idea was pretty random, too. Back in 2011, while planning a party for some friends, Bradley needed an image of someone being splashed with milk. Unable to find anything on the Internet, he decided to take matters into his own hand. Since then, Bradley has been featured on Yahoo!'s The Weekly Flickr for his crème de la crème photos.

The irony of all of this? Bradley is actually lactose intolerant.

Check out Yahoo!'s video below to find out more about the process behind capturing these images, and click through to see more from Bradley's photo series.

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