Parents in Huntington Beach, CA are pissed at clothing retailer Tilly's over marijuana-themed apparel right now. 

Youth Matters, a parent organization in the area, has asked the neighborhood Tilly's to take down any and all merchandise with the green leaf on it. Kim Green, the chairwoman of the committee explained to the shop that the leggings, tops and swimsuits with weed plants on them "could desensitize children to drug use." She, along with the other parents, are concerned that kids won't be "shocked by it" if the image becomes more common.

"It's a safety and life issue," Green said. "It's not like Pokémon cards. Kids are dying from [drugs]."

The store has already started removing the items in its Huntington Beach location on Tuesday, and has reportedly agreed to get rid of the ones in its Orange County and Riverside stores. Green is also pushing for Tilly's to take the products down from its website, and plans to pressure the retailer Active Ride Shop next.

[via DailyPilot]