The North Face released the lookbook for its new White Label, a line designed and produced especially for the brand's South Korean consumers.

The California-based label has pushed Eastward since 2007, when CEO and chairman of VF Corp. Eric Wiseman reported seeing a five-fold increase in revenue from Asia. From that point on, the company zoomed its focus on catering to the growing market; brand officials established the Japan-only North Face Purple Label soon after, much to the chagrin of people anywhere outside of that exceedingly lucky nation.

The North Face has now unveiled looks from White Label - its latest venture exclusively for South Korea. Classic silhouettes on jackets, coats and other outerwear have been updated with fresh details: new lengths, rare prints and precise construction. Windbreakers with high collars and pointed breast pockets inject new life into an adventure time must-have.

The line is only available in South Korea, so we won't judge when you hit up every mother's uncle's dog's friend you know in Seoul to help you pick up goods.

[via The North Face]