There's no debating New World Order, or "nWo," was the coolest wrestling stable to come out of the WCW, WWF, WWE, whatever. The group, originally founded by Hulk Hogan, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, and Kevin "Diesel" Nash, stormed the scene like a gang ready to takeover. And that's exactly what they did. Throughout all the different incarnations, the Wolfpac-Hollywood schism and the like, the nWo brand remained influential as one of wrestling's main attractions.

But there's one aspect the organization doesn't always get credit for: being fly as fuck. The nWo clique were, in addition to being badasses, fresh to death. Their swag cohesiveness was so consistent they were basically the A$AP Mob of wrestling. Let's go on a quick trip down memory lane; Here's Proof That nWo Was the Most Stylish Squad of All Time.

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