Streetwear brands often have a soft spot for adding ‘90s nostalgia and Hip-Hop references in their collections. It's kind of hard not to, especially since plenty of the designers grew up in the U.S. But if you’re looking for a brand that brings a different perspective, Swedish brand New Black is where you can find the use of the familiar design formula from a European state of mind.

Awarded Streetwear of the Year in 2013, the New Back is back with another killer collection for spring 2014. The collection is influenced by sporty nautical looks of the ‘90s and rap music from the same era. The result is a mix of  maritime-inspired flags and Tupac T-shirts. Pieces include oxford shirts, crewnecks, bomber jackets, and more. If the brand keeps this up, it might just keep its crown this year.

First pieces are available now on the New Black website