Wow Stephan Schneider, these trousers are v in my lane. They're just too short enough for me and the cool drawstring waistband gives them really relaxed vibes. I know MAAS & Stacks used the photo of the model with his shirt tucked in so you could see the drawstring and waist detail, but whatever you do, don't tuck your shirt into these pants. I'm gonna go out on a limb and make the argument that unless someone is forcing you to (FUCK NARC ASS MANAGERIAL STAFFS WHO ARE STICKLERS FOR DRESS CODES), you shouldn't tuck in any of your shirts. I don't because I live on a steady diet of food that will eventually kill me rather than nourish my body and therefore I have what I tell my girlfriend is an exquisite "get money gut." Tucking in my shirt simply highlights how much money I am getting and I'm not one to brag, ya dig?