First the basic-enabling idiocy of #normcore, and now this fuckshit. Monocles, it would seem, are back en vogue. Yes, the dolo lens that was utterly pointless even back in the nineteenth century is currently enjoying a resurgence via hipsters or whatever we're calling people who make clown fashion choices these days, at least according to the latest trend piece from the New York Times.

You'll remember that B.o.B. unsuccessfully tried to start this wave at the 2011 Grammys, but thankfully it didn't catch on, probably because the number of times it fell of his face illustrated just how pointless they are. But now, three years later, if looking like a Bond supervillain or an English aristocrat is your preferred choice of steez, jump on the monocle bandwagon while there's still room—and yes, there's plenty of room. The online store The Monocle Shop says sales have doubled in the last five years while San Francisco based Nearsights sales tripled in 2013, up 66,000 from 2012's reported 26,000, meaning misery has a small amount of company

As the NYT also reports, rap has already embraced it at the low-levels, as aspiring Miami rapper Jose Vega tels them “I got it just to have my own style, bring something new to the table. Also, I’m nearsighted.” How long until 2 Chainz is sporting the Mr. Peanut look in a music video?

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[via NYT]