Oakley hired the Canada-based multimedia giant Moment Factory to design an event as a platform for the launch of its new advertising campaign Disruptive By Design. Moment Factory is known for it’s epic multimedia accomplishments in places you can hardly believe.

The multimedia experience showcased the Oakley’s legacy and culture of disruption while alluding to it’s innovative future. The launch occurred on Feb. 24, 2014 at several spaces in Studio Red in Los Angeles. Each space focused on a unique aspect of Oakley—its designs, its values, its history—thus contributing to the overall project in a singular way. Some of the interactive spaces had hidden components that guests could reveal using laser pointers. Moment Factory also specially designed a room with 270-degree projection screens for viewing Oakley CEO Colin Baden’s speech. Overall, the event was immersive and exhilarating.

Oakley - Disruptive by design from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

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