We've seen people get plastic surgery to look like Barbie, Justin Bieber, and various other "pretty" people, but one guy in Japan has taken it oldschool, sculpting his face to resemble one of the OG visions of male perfection, Michelangelo's David.

According to Kotaku, 20-year-old Alan (or Aran...no really) has had two nose jobs, chin injections, four "life-and-tucks," and has had his eyes done to resemble the manly slab of marble, operations that have cost upwards of $150,000. The kicker is that Alan hasn't spent a cent because he has five women with whom he is "involved" that have picked up the tab. In fact, Alan claims that the women have given him several million dollars and he didn't even have to pull his fig leaf to the side for it.

We wish we could have that kind of arrangement, minus the surgery. You're a true pimp, Alan.

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[via Kotaku]