Commuting sucks, there is no sugarcoating it. Train, car, bus, doesn't really matter how you have to get from point A to point B, it all sucks. Artist Luke Jerram may have the perfect solution, unfortunately only the people in Bristol will get to test it out (for now). Jerram's "Park and Slide" crowd-funded project calls for a temporary 90m water slide to be installed on Park Street as "a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape."

The project is currently half-way to becoming a reality for the people of Bristol, with 312 people already showing support with donations via the SpaceHive project page. The plan, should they reach their goal, is to shut down Park Street on May 4 for the installation. We hope this idea catches on and that Jerram brings this project to the states soon.

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[via PSFK]