You may remember the "Average Barbie" doll that artist Nickolay Lamm created as a reaction to the problematic body proportions of the iconic fashion doll. Lamm says that he received a lot of requests from parents after that doll went viral, so he launched a crowdfunding project to bring the toys to children around the world.

The Lammily dolls promote positive body image by portraying a girl with "typical human proportions" who is also active and lives a healthy lifestyle. The dolls joints are articulated and it comes with "minimal makeup" and "typical clothing." On the project page, Lamm says that a 3D digital prototype of the doll has been made, and with the help of Robert Rambeau (former VP of manufacturing at Mattel), the Lammily is ready for production.

Lamm has set a goal of $95,000 and has a month to make it happen, with your help. Check out the video below and click here to learn more about the incentives for donating.

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