Everyone knows Kate Moss. Even to people who are as far removed from the fashion world as possible, she is known as an icon of beauty and one of the top models of all time. What people may not know, is that her half-sister Lottie Moss is also making a name for herself as a model and she is only 16 years old.

Lottie appeared in the February issue of Dazed & Confused, walking around London and giving what the photographers Sean and Seng call a "piercing stare that can turn from coy to seductive in a second." In April, she will make what People is calling her "first official appearance as a model" in Teen Vogue. In the interview for the magazine, Lottie's management made it clear that she would not be answering "any Kate questions," a smart move on their part to help her stand on her own talents and not her famous surname. That may be harder than it sounds, but if these photos are anything to go on, we say she has a promising future in the business and we expect to see her in a lot of editorials very soon.

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