Karl Lagerfeld now has his own emoji app, and even better, it’s called the emotiKarl. Since the basic emoji platform is very limited from English-to-Lagerfeld translations, the designer went ahead and created his own set of emoticons more fitting of his style.

The app, which is meant to promote the launch of Lagerfeld's new fragrance line, includes various hand gestures. And not just any hand gestures, but featuring Lagerfeld’s signature leather fingerless gloves. For instance, if you want to tell someone how terrible an outfit is, throw some shade with a leather-fingerless-gloves-holding-a-hand-fan emoticon. It’s as simple as that. Others include a perfume bottle, his face, and also his pet cat Choupette. Sadly, missing are praying hands and one-hunna emojis.

Download emotiKarl here.

[via MTV Style]