Drake isn't the only dude out there who sings about failed relationships and old flames (though it doesn't seem like the "Hold On, We're Going Home" singer is going home by himself these days). Internet artist Yung Jake, who first blew up our browsers with his viral "E.m-bed.de/d" video back in 2012, just dropped another song called "Unfollow," which he performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Though the song is a chock-full of relatable lyrics ("I'm all good now that I unfollowed her, I turn up so I don't need to follow her," the singer drones on and on), it's the actual video itself that is most interesting. Viewers watch as Yung Jake deletes his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, unfollows her on Instagram, and is forced to endure the painful post-breakup text messages and all the gut-wrenching feels that come with the end of a relationship. We've all been there, Yung Jake!  Watch his trippy video below.

[via AnimalNewYork]

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