Right now, some of the world's most inspiring minds are gathered inside the Vancouver Convention Center for TED's 30th Anniversary Conference. While we're sure tons of cool things are being discussed inside the building, outside the convention center, however, the sky is currently beaming with all of the lights, thanks to an art installation by artist Janet Echelman and Google creative director Arron Koblin.

Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks, which dangles from a skyscraper near the Vancouver Convention Center, allows spectators to control what they see. Onlookers can add to the interactive installation by connecting to a special Wi-Fi network and opening an app on their smart phones and tablets. Spectators become the creators in this project, as the shapes and patterns they draw on the specially designed apps are projected onto the vibrant-colored, beaming sculpture in real time.

How does this work? Turns out the whole installation is "actually one giant Chrome window, stretched across the 300-foot long sculpture with the help of five high-definition projectors," a blogger from Google Creative Lab revealed.

Check out the video of the installation below.

[via FastCoCreate]

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