Two British designers, Claudia Moseley and Edward Shuster, have dreamt up a project called “The Invisible City,” which is so innovative and unique that it has received the Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton stamp of approval. The project envisions multiple treehouses and pods scattered throughout Regent’s Park, constructed from wood, glass, and steel. The structures are communal spaces that are completely transparent, thus providing a way for humans to interact with each other while also interacting with nature, strengthening the bond between culture and the environment.

"The Invisible City" calls for several large pavilions. “The Aerial Arena” will be a massive wooden structure wrapped in a transparent skin that hosts a stage and can seat up to 100 onlookers. “The Hive Gallery,” modeled after a beehive, will be a suspended, transparent dome that allows people to get a unique view of nature. The final structures, called “Peace Pods,” will be suspended, geometric spheres that dangle from branches and provide participants with a place to be alone with their thoughts.

Shuster Moseley has teamed up with the London-based Jerry Tate Architects to turn this vision into a reality. They have started a Kickstarter for the project, which is open through March 28, 2014. 100% of the funds raised via the site will go towards construction of the project.

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[via DesignBoom]