H&M removed an offensive tank top from its racks this week after complaints the shirt displayed Anti-Semitic images.

Times of Israel blogger first noticed the tanks with a skull printed over the star of David in the menswear section of a London. H&M. The next day, he drafted an article on the site, expressing his frustrations and urging readers to email customer service to have the shirts pulled from stores. H&M has since recalled the shirt, which was also set to be stocked at 14 locations in Israel.

This isn't the first time H&M has found itself under hot fire. Last August, the Swedish retailer pulled a feather headdress from its Canadian stores after complaints of the accessory resembling those used by Native Americans and thus it being offensive.

H&M released  a statement regarding the tank top today, saying they are "sincerely sorry if the T-shirt print has offended anyone" and that it wasn't their "intention to provoke such a reaction."

[via ABC News]