Without Google, our world would be royally fucked. Chances are I wouldn't know most of the things I know if it weren't for the search engine, and I sure as shit wouldn't have graduated high school or college. Sidebar: Shouts to every other generation ever for fucking heavy with books the way they did for so long. Much respect to you guys and your struggle. Anyway, now that Google has begun to introduce more and more products into the world, such as Google Glass and the Chromebook, they think now is as good of a time as any to open a store in NYC. And, being as smart as they are, Google knows that SoHo is pretty much the best possible real estate assuming money is no object. From Louis Vuitton to Supreme to Apple to a Chobani Greek Yogurt, the once rundown artist's community is now the wealthiest neighborhood in Manhattan. This is simply the next move in what at this point is pretty obviously Google's plan for global domination: to not only have have access to everything we see and hear, but to literally become our eyes and ears.