Federico Babina, an architect and illustrator from Barcelona, has released his newest series of design-inspired drawings, titled "Archist." In it, he combines different fields, imagining what would happen if various famous artists tried their hands at architecture. Each building design reflects the individual's most recognizable style of artwork—Marcel Duchamp's roof is topped with a bicycle wheel; Damien Hirst's facade is covered in polka dots. 

In the past, Babina has charmed architecture lovers with similar projects. For "Archibet," the artist created an alphabet where every letter is in the style of a famous architect whose name starts with that letter. For example, C is for Le Corbusier. Now he has created a city designed by famous artists with bold colors and sharp lines that add a contemporary, digital feel to the illustrations. Which of these Famous Works of Art As Buildings would you most like to visit?

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