Fashion editorials were different in the 1980s, kids. Before airbrushing photos became a common practice, models were shown in magazine with all of their human flaws. Artist Eddie Peake got his hands on the last issue of Vogue Paris to be printed before the shift in 1989 and turned the pages into art, screenprinting the words "Cooking Together, Reading Together, Masturbating Together and Coming Together." on each of them in a yellow-green to red gradient.

Together the prints made up a series that the artist named "(Steam Rolled Body W. 1/4 Inch Audio Jacks Inserted Into Extemporised Orifices. Cuboid Transparent Head Filled With Abject Matter, Some Of Which Is Repulsive. Even Children Have Pre-1990 Desires.) Precipice. Recipe. Epicene. Pci Ric Epe." Counter Editions says of the collection: "The montage of the text and images creates unexpected readings, pulling the inherent sexuality of the advertisements to the fore while also inferring a sense of intimacy." Each was listed for $1,140 each in an edition of 100, and they have all since sold out. Head to the Counter Editions page to see the full gallery of prints.

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[via Dazed Digital]