Hattie Stewart may be one of the bravest people alive. She's not afraid to mess with Beyoncé and Rihanna for her upcoming show at Brighton's No Walls Gallery.

Dramatics aside, Stewart isn't starting beef with anyone. For the playful London-based illustrator, her doodle-bombed magazine covers of Queen Bey, bad girl RiRi, and other pop stars are all in good fun. For "Hello Cheeky," which is actually her first solo UK show, the self-proclaimed "professional doodler" transforms the glossy covers of magazines like Playboy and Vogue into tongue-in-cheek works of art by incorporating vibrant pops of color, googly eyes, hearts, stars, and other shapes and patterns. While her illustrations are mostly fun to look at, some of them hints at something darker. Click through to see some of her featured works for yourself.

The show opens March 28 and will be on view until April 26, so don't miss out. 

[via It'sNiceThat]