DimePiece is one of those cool brands providing a voice for the ladies who want to rock streetwear. In a scene where it’s pretty much a boys club, the Los Angeles-based brand holds its own. It just unveiled its new lookbook, and it has hot models and Cam'ron tees. So, one: You're welcome. Two: You'd be a fool not to show this to your girl right now and get her in a sweatshirt or tee.

Dubbed the DimePiece State of Mind, the collection features sweaters, T-shirts, a skateboard, and iPhone case, and the best of all, a bikini with Killa Cam's face on it. Imagine how dope your girl would look wearing the latter on the  beach? Your boys would envy you. The lineup also includes illustrations of other notable artists like, Jay Z, Tupac, and Pharrell. 

If the pink is too bold for your girl, there are black and white options. Track pants, jerseys, and mesh caps are also part of the collection. The collection hits DimePiece's website on March 17.