The LA-based collective Cyrcle is having their first UK solo exhibition, entitled “OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign” at StolenSpace gallery in London. The duality of chaos and order has always inspired Cyrcle’s work, and this project is no exception. The exhibition seeks to explore symbols of power and elements of mind-control.

Cyrcle's new show includes two unseen bodies of work: RULERS WERE MEANT TO BE BROKEN and SCRAMBLE FOR POWER. These two new additions to the overarching project reflect the duo’s belief that searching for order is the wrong way to approach the world; chaos is the only catalyst for inspiration and growth. By deconstructing symbols of power and authority, the artists invert the power structure.

The aim of the work, according to the artists, is “to overthrow the powers of doubt and oppression in the mind so we, the individual, can let go of fear and take power back!”

The show runs from March 7 through April 6.

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