A new art gallery in San Francisco, Hashimoto Contemporary, is kicking off its debut exhibition tomorrow. "Synesthesia" features the colorful, hand cut paper sculptures of Crystal Wagner. The Georgia-based artist is unique in that she combines inorganic 2D and 3D elements, ranging from cut paper to dollar store trinkets, creating these vibrant, multi-textured sculptures that sprout and flourish against its rigid constraints. Encased in custom made wooden terrariums, Wagner's paper works look like real extraterrestrial living organisms that have somehow made their way to earth.

Additionally, Wager will also create a massive, site-specific paper installation within the gallery space. Stemming from various corners and surfaces, the installation will surround viewers and is meant to be a multi-sensory experience. 

"Synesthesia" opens tomorrow and will be on view until March 29 at Hashimoto Contemporary on 804 Sutter Street, San Francisco. For more information, visit the gallery's site here.

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