Hungarian/German graphic designer David Szakaly began using Macromedia Flash in 1999 as part of his corporate job. He designed banners, presentations, and other graphic artworks for his clients. As time went by, he began experimenting with the program on his own time, eventually finding his stride in 2008. Under the pseudonym Davidope, he began churning out GIFs on a regular basis. 

For his hypnotic creations, the artist told Mashable that he is inspired by “everything from music to dreams to feelings, both emotional and physical.” His mesmerizing animated GIFs have taken Tumblr by storm; most of them have been shared hundreds of thousands of times. Davidope's digital works are often brightly colored or black and white, with mathematical properties and a wholly original aesthetic. These eccentric artworks have resulted in wide critical acclaim, and he is often called upon by professional clients to make digital animations, though he never lets his corporate position get in the way of his personal artistic endeavors.

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[via Mashable]