What happens when you put a minimalist shoe brand and a label that likes to play with trippy dyes together?  The answer lies in CLAE’s spring 2014 collaboration with AXS FOLK Technology. The two have worked together to create one of the coolest shoes we’ve seen this year so far.

Working with the Mills silhouette, the cork-soled runner’s usually minimal colors gets turned up a notch at the hands of AXS FOLK Technology and its signature dyeing techniques. “We started enlisting Ermie and the Los Angeles Leathercraft to hand-dye each piece of suede using natural indigo dye," Kyle Ng, AXS Folk Technology founder and creative director, said. "These amazing artisans developed everything in their backyard, resulting in each shoe having a different look."

The result is a neck-breaking shoe constructed of hairy sude, natural leather, and cork. There is so much attention to detail to each part of these runners you can't help but geek out. 

The collaborative shoes were only produced in limited quantities. It drops on the CLAE and AXS FOLK Technology websites tomorrow. 

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