Tender is one of those brands that kind of broke a few years ago, but was so expensive everyone was just kinda like, "Wow, dope, but such expense." And now, it's still one of those brands that everyone has heard of, but only, like, 5 people have any actual experience with. Take, for example, this calico shirt. It's got weird pockets (+1), is expensive enough that you would hesitate telling strangers how much you paid for it (+1) and it's dyed using a natural, uncommon dye (+1). You have to perform a balancing test here. Is the ability to tell your peers that your shirt with weird pockets was dyed using natural chlorophyll worth $325? Normally I'd say yes, but I know most of my friends would be like, "CHLOROPHYLL? DOES THAT MEAN YOU COULD KIDNAP CHICKS USING YOUR SHIRT?" I already know what you're thinking and yes, my friends still continue to confuse "chlorophyll" with "chloroform."