In you thought Bitcoin was going somewhere, think again. The digital currency has been having some problems lately, but there still seems to be enough people financially and morally invested in it for it have a chance of succeeding. As it goes with all things popular, you know that Bitcoin has finally claimed its place in both the digital and real worlds when we can report that there was a Bitcoin Art Fair held last week in San Francisco.

Held at the 20mission start-up community space, the fair included various Bitcoin-inspired works for sale (Bitcoin was accepted as payment, obviously) that people outside the culture just wouldn't be able to appreciate. The space, which is also the location of Bitcoin meetups, welcomed between 100 and 150 Bitcoin-enthusiasts to view works by artists including Brett HunterThomas-Joseph CarrieriJeff GomesDan Gribben, and others in an event described by Coindesk as having "more of a party atmosphere than that of a regular art exhibition." 

Chances are you're like us and you missed the fun, but you can view a few of the pieces above and learn more about the bitcoin meetups over at 20mission.

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[via Coindesk]

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