Hood by Air is one of the hottest brands out, and for good reason. Its designs are different, and its never one to put together one of those run-of-the-mill shows during New York Fashion Week. SHOWstudio caught up with designer Shayne Oliver and the rest of his HBA team four days before presenting the fall/winter 2014 "Trans" collection for an in-depth behind the scenes look. The clip is a bit long, but definitely worth a watch. 

"FUCCBOI," as the film is called, was directed by Matt Williams and Jack Heller. The visual captures  exclusive commentary among the designers and gives viewers a vivid look at what it takes to put on a show during NYFW. According to Oliver, this is a dedicated to "all the FUCCBOIs who shred the status quo with aggression and lush energies." 

Check it out above.

[via SHOWStudio]