A couple days ago, we told you about Banksy's unexpected involvement with the #WithSyria campaign and showed you the updated version of his Balloon Girl stencil made especially to raise awareness about the conflict. In another potentially shocking development, this animated video was posted to YouTube titled simply "#WithSyria." It features the street artist's character floating above the devastation in Syria while the unmistakable voice of British actor Idris Elba narrates and asks "Will you stand with Syria?" The video also features the very somber song "The Blanket of Night" by Elbow which plays as you watch others join the "Balloon Girl" in the sky and read statistics about the death toll and displacement.

According to Fast Co Create, the video was created by Hi Sim Studios, but there is no news as to Banksy's direct involvement with the project. Look for the #WithSyria campaign to launch on Twitter and Instagram and in 35 countries around the world today. The video will be shown at "high-profile spots" including Times Square in New York City. 

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