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Around the same time most of you were gearing up for a week of partying down in Cancún, Damien Hirst announced his plans to write a memoir on the earlier years of his life and art career. The only problem? The British bad boy can't recall anything from his 20s, presumably because the artist partied so hard.

This got us wondering, how much does someone have to party to, essentially black out, and forget 10 years of his life? Is there anyone out there who turns up as much as Hirst? Miley Cyrus, perhaps? Bad gal Rihanna or A$AP Rocky, maybe? Surely, artists like Andy Warhol knew how to throw a bangin' party, and Pablo Picasso never said no to a good time.

Whether you've just kicked off your spring break or are struggling to piece together the past week of debauchery, here are 13 Photos of Your Favorite Artists Partying It Up Over Spring Break.

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