Artist Holly Wilson has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce penis sculptures that at face value are pretty funny, but deep down (no pun intended) they are powerful symbols for gender equality. The "Bring Your Dick to the Table" project started when Wilson had an encounter with a shady art gallery: "I had worked out an agreement with a gallery to show my art and then after one sold he tried to change the terms. My heart and my feet went heavy; my lips went dry. I reached for my lip balm and zing! I thought I could let this take me over OR I could hold onto my “dick” and negotiate as the equal I am, not how he was treating me, like some kid who didn’t know any better." 

The 1.5inch sculptures are made leaning either to the right or the left (to reflect political preferences, obviously) and are made in "Solid Sterling Silver for the precious times, Solid White Bronze for the brassy times, and Solid 10K Gold for the bling times, depending on your frame of mind and wallet." Check out Wilson's video below and donate to the project before April 9.

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[via Kickstarter]