The tents are assembled, the art is installed, and the crowds are lining up at art fairs all over New York. It's official: Armory Week is here. Every year collectors and art lovers traverse the city to check out the contemporary work on view at various fairs. From traditional classics like the Armory Show to newer fairs like SPRING/BREAK, it's almost impossible to take in all the pieces on view. SCOPE, VOLTA NY, Independent, and Fountain are just some of the fairs cropping up across the city this week.

Despite the immense range of artwork in New York right now, there are some steady themes that appear at every fair, and this year we'd like to avoid the tired trends. Neon, mirrors, and superheroes—these are just some of the stalwart visuals that appear again and again. While many artists employ these motifs with practiced skill, they often dominate international art fairs, and not for the better. Here are 10 Trends We Don't Want to See at Art Fairs in New York This Week. Check out the rest of our coverage of Armory Week here.

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