Tomorrow, Subliminal Projects will present "Warp & Weft," an exhibition of works by San Francisco-based street artist Ricardo Richey, better known as APEX. His latest paintings are especially unique in that they're done on jeans rather than canvases, no doubt APEX's way of alluding to the self-painted denim jackets of inner city tag artists from the 1980s.

Obsessed with jeans, APEX figured out a way to use denim as a fine art tool, first experimenting with the fabric for his 2011 Indigo series. After playing around with different denim types, weight, and colors, he devised a method for stretching denim over wood panels in place of traditional canvases. Combining his street art roots and love for jeans, APEX has sprayed vibrant, geometric, abstract shapes in his signature painting style, against the the texture of indigo dyed denim, works that are now on view at the illustrious Subliminal Projects.

"Warp & Weft," which is APEX's first ever solo show in L.A., opens tomorrow and will be on view until April 5, 2014.

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