Through some genius-level investigation, SlamXHype found that streetwear and fashion brand logos, the things that are supposed to be unique and define what the company is about, are all pretty much the same. They looked at the branding for Supreme, Nike, HBA, colette, Louis Vuitton, Comme Des Garcons, and a few others and found that most of the streetwear brands use some variation of Futura, while the luxury brands go for the more classy Helvetica typeface.

Of course the spacing, height, and color of the letters, as well as the visual component of the logos are important too, but when you consider the number of fonts out there and the option of creating a custom font, it seems a little lazy that so many brands take the easy road. But then again, the Helvetica documentary taught us in '07 about its overuse so we aren't that surprised.

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[via SlamXHype]