Earlier this week, we posted about Yung Lenox, the 7-year-old whose drawings of rappers and their album covers are impressive and have gotten him a following online. We reached out to his dad for a portfolio review, asking him for Yung Lenox's stories behind his favorite pieces. The answers may be short, but they give us insight into the young prodigy's creative process.

Here's a note from his dad:

Lenox was 5 years old when I started asking him to draw rappers. It was during the winter, and in Seattle, you spend a lot of time in doors until spring decides to show up. As far as his process, a lot of the first pieces were freehand one-minute sketches. The Biggie drawing for example, is only a few stripes and a snowman body. After a period of time, I realized that I could teach Lenox how to use an illustrator's light board. 

That helped him get proportions down. Then he began to understand how to cut back dark colors over light colors. He has it down pretty cold now.

It's all simple shapes when you break them down.

He's going to start using other mediums besides paper and markers. So we'll see what he does with those. 

His opinion of his own work and the subject matter is highly comical. He really just thinks it's "whatever." And he thinks exactly what you would expect a 7-year-old to think of rappers. They are "silly." 

I'd love it if he would get all wax poetic about Wu and Cam'ron, but he gives me one-sentence replies to every question, and that is all you're gonna get folks.

He's got Legos to build and video games to play. He's not trying to play 21 Questions with his Dad.