One look at Yago Hortal's paintings will have you wanting to pick up a brush immediately. While his work might look like a few simple strokes of neon colors, there's much more depth and planning that goes into his pieces, which altogether form series of paintings that have evolved significantly since he started in 2006. 

We talked to Yago about his favorite pieces, some of which were painted in Berlin in 2011 and others which were painted in Barcelona in 2012 and 2013. He tells us that "they represent everything related to paint but also an important part of my life. We grow up at the same time, and that allows me to see these works as a diary of life. I see my memories through them, because they are part of me."

Enjoy this installment in our ongoing seriesPortfolio Review: Yago Hortal Shares the Concepts Behind His Technicolor Painterly Paintings.