Athlete’s Quarterly recently caught up with star wide-receiver Victor Cruz, where he reveals the first item of clothing he ever wanted, and his style icons.

Cruz said that his mother always figured out a way to get whatever he wanted to wear. One in particular—the first item he "ever really wanted"—was a $150 Nautica jacket. Cruz eventually got it as a birthday gift and "cherished" it. "When I wore it, I felt like people treated me differently," he said. "I felt like they were paying attention." Who didn't want a Nautica jacket growing up?

The football player went on to say that he was interested in fashion from an early age, perhaps because of the people he was surrounded by. “My grandfather’s friends would wear silk shirts with cardigans," he said about how his grandparents influenced his style. "I would see velvet cardigans. When the holidays would cone around, they would wear these amazing scarves and hats, and the women would have these minks on."

Check out the entire interview here to find out more about what he said about his personal style and his experience at Milan fashion week. 

[via Athletes Quarterly]