Designer Tom Ford recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it made for a very interesting segment. Besides discussing his career as a film director, Ford talked about how he first heard about Jay Z's "Tom Ford" song off Magna Carta Holy Grail. And what he said about it could not be made up.

"Well I know him and he emailed me and said 'I'm writing a song called Tom Ford,'" Ford said. "I didn't know what to expect, but I trust him. He's a good guy. Then I heard the song; I had to go on rap translator to sort of understand what it meant." Laugh out loud. 

In the end, after hitting up Rap Genius or something, he thought the message of the song was actually positive. "He doesn't do drugs, he wears Tom Ford," the designer said. "That's how he gets his high. Who doesn't like that?" 

Kimmel then proceeded to show Ford a photo of Jay Z on tour wearing a black T-shirt with "Tom Ford" and number 61 on the back. When asked what he thought, Ford said "this is a counterfeit Tom Ford design." But instead of filing a lawsuit or being bothered by it, Ford knocked off the knockoff because "C'mon, Jay Z's wearing it," as he said. 

End your day right and watch the clip above.

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]