Last night, POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014's early pre-painting festivities continued with an exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art, curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery. Titled "POW! WOW!: Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement," the show's opening hosted the majority of POW! WOW! artists and those who have work in the show for drinks and dancing. Enjoy a selection of the pieces below and visit the exhibition through February 15 at the museum.

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Randy Hage Aoki's Shaved Ice, 2014


BASK Awakening, 2014

Becca Wolf of Hawaii, 2014

Bumblebee My Day Off, 2014

Mimi S. It's a Girl Thing, 2014

Dabs Myla Moonlight Swim, 2014 and Low Bros Leaving the Cube, 2014

Nosego Sugar Bunch, 2014 and Angry Woebots Mashed Out, 2014

Ghostpatrol Additional Idos For Idols and Shrines, 2014 and Spencer Keeton Cunningham Me and My ___ #30, 2014

Ghostpatrol Additional Idos For Idols and Shrines, 2014 (detail)


Kamea Hader Number (2), 2014 and Joram Roukes Californiya, 2014

Andrew Hem Team Rockers, 2014 and Ekundayo Rise, 2014

Andrew Schoultz Tree (Golden Rays), 2014 and Stephanie Buer Campbell, 2014

Andrew Schoultz Tree (Golden Rays), 2014 (detail)


Curiot Echoes Behind the Mask, 2014

Fernando Chamarelli Sumerian Astronaut, 2014

Adam Caldwell Art Is..., 2014

Meggs Lion, 2014

 Shark Toof Guernica, 2014

James Marshall (aka Dalek) Untitled, 2014

David Cooley Maelstrom, 2014

David Cooley Maelstrom, 2014 (detail)


Gaia Queen Lili 'uokalani and Lanai Island, 2014

Pixel Pancho Desert Food, 2014

Live painting outside the museum