If you've ever wanted to scarf down some amusement park food while reenacting scenes from Jesus's Last Supper, you ought to book your next flight to Buenos Aires and visit its famous religious theme park, Tierra Santa.

The expansive theme park, which opened back in 2000, has been built to resemble Biblical Jerusalem, complete with kitschy ancient buildings, palm trees, and even human mannequins hung on crosses. Even the workers walk around in Jesus-era attire, impersonating the beggars, sinners, worshippers, and various religious figures from the Bible. Visitors can snap a photo with Judas and watch as actors fix and crucify the Son of God. 

Considered the highlight of Tierra Santa, tourists can watch a robotic, 40-foot statue of Jesus ascend from inside a mountain every hour. Supposedly the first religious theme park ever created, Tierra Santa is bold, blasphemous, or both. 

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[via Slate]