We've seen ice hotels, snow globe hotels, and hotels with caves, but the CasAnus Hotel in Belgium features cavernous rooms of a different kind. If you haven't figured it out by the name yet, the hotel is designed in the shape of an anus. Created as a conceptual space by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout in 2007, the one-room butthole is located in the middle of a field at the Verbeke Foundation Sculpture Park on an island halfway near Antwerp. For $165 a night, guests get a double bed, shower, heat, and the added bonus of sharing "anal-sex" jokes with your friends for life. 

VICE spoke with van Lieshout about the hotel, and he revealed that it was a part of a series of digestive system-inspired spaces, including a place to grab a drink called BarRectum. "One of the recurring themes in my work is a strong interest in systems—economical systems and political systems, but also the human body, which I believe is a perfect system," he said. He also said that between 200 and 250 people visit CasAnus a year and that the response has been positive. 

Don't expect a first-hand review from us anytime soon.

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[via VICE]