The music video is often used as a marketing tool for promoting an album or single, but with help from top tier artists, music videos can also be impressive works of art in their own right. In 2013 more than ever, artists opted for fresh new approachs, like Pharrell Williams, who delivered the world’s first 24-hour music video powered by the direction team We Are From L.A. Others attempted to give music videos an interactive element, like when Vania Heymann revived Bob Dylan’s classic, “Like A Rolling Stone” for its first official video. Whatever the contribution, artists are bringing the visual aspect of music to the next level.

The phenomena of artists, whether they are painters, photographers, or even digital animators, directing music videos may not be anything new. However, over the course of the last few years, artists have worked harder than ever to bridge the gap between art and music. Check out the best videos in the music business with The 25 Greatest Artist-Directed Videos of All Time.

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