The Lego Movie is getting rave reviews, so it's about time the yellow plastic people stepped up their fashion game. Bulgarian 3D artist Simeon Georgiev was just the man for the makeover. Georgiev created a set of digital renderings of LEGOs wearing streetwear brands, including Supreme, HBA, and Boy London.

While these brand-conscious LEGOs aren't on sale, maybe they should be. Today, a LEGO designer revealed on Reddit that the toy company almost went out of business in 2003, and the only thing that saved it from bankruptcy was the Bionicle-themed LEGOs and license to make the Star Wars set. A rollout of streetwear LEGOs would definitely keep the company fresh, although the fashionable toys would appeal to "AFOLs" (Adult Fans of LEGOs) more than kids.

"A few months ago, I decided to use my skills as 3D artist in areas that I really like (fashion, lifestyle, etc.) and to create things that I would enjoy if they really existed (or that I just liked to see visualized)." Georgiev told Complex via email. "I liked LEGO as child and find the idea of LEGO figures wearing my favorite brands interesting if its visualized with the right attitude and skills."

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